NEMT Insurance is getting tougher Get Help

Immediate Release: 07/24/2019 18:03 HRS

Coverage is available for NEMT operations even though many or most of the regular insurance companies offering non emergency medical transport, Para-Transit and public auto insurance are withdrawing for the market (855) 235-2321.


If your business is having a hard time keeping commercial auto liability to meet just state minimums or to stay in business and meet contractual requirements, local state or federal filings including DOT & MC filings get help with the form below right now.

NEMT Business Owners or manager help request form is below. Once submitted you will be contacted by a competent licensed individual that will try and help you find NEMT Insurance coverage for Commercial Auto and or General Liability coverage.

We have probably the lowest NEMT insurance and public livery quotes available in Georgia and Tennessee.

NEMT Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
Fixed-Route Public Transit
Demand-Response Public Transit
Social Service Agencies with Transit
Nursing Homes and Retirement Communities
Taxi Operations
Airport Shuttle Service
Black car Service
Wheelchair and Stretcher Transportation
Elderly and/or Handicapped Passenger Transportation

Fast, Free Online Quotes Tailored Specifically To Your Small Business Needs. 4.8/5 Satisfaction Rating. A+ Rated companies available. Immediate Coverage. No Hidden Fees. Quote & Buy Online. E-Sign documents and get your certificate of insurance and ID cards quickly. We’re radically improving the way you purchase your Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) insurance.

NEMT insurance is needed for companies that provide transportation of patients for medical reasons (but not for usually for an emergency). We do have coverage for emergency ambulances and much more.

We have Commercial Auto Liability and Physical Damage program designed to insure Taxis, Limousines & Black Car, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT), Shuttles, Buses and other business types.



Insurance coverage for NEMT, limousine, black car, airport shuttle and taxi services. We provide customizable public livery packages to suit almost every type of transportation services.


Insuring Commercial Property – Commercial Property Quotes

Commercial property insurance helps businesses pay to repair or replace buildings, associated structures, and contents damaged by fire, storms, theft, and other events outlined in the policy.

Commercial Property Insurance help is available from licensed professionals.

We have partnered with Commercial Insurance Agencies to make available commercial property insurance quotes in  Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina & Virginia

Business Owners Commercial Insurance Quote Request
Licensed agent help available in FL,GA,IA,IN,KS,MD,NC,NE,NJ,OH,PA,SC,TN & VA

This web site provides general information about the kinds of commercial property coverage that are or may be available. It can help you evaluate different commercial property policies, understand how rates are determined, and ask the right questions when shopping for insurance. You should review your policy carefully to understand your specific coverage.

No business can afford to be unprepared for a lawsuit.

New Jersey Liability insurance protects your business assets when the business is sued for something the business did (or failed to do) that contributed to injury or property damage to someone else. Liability coverage extends not only to paying damages but also to the attorneys’ fees and other costs involved in defending against the lawsuit – whether valid or not. The standard business owners policy provides liability coverage, as does a separate policy known as a commercial general liability (CGL) insurance policy.

Generally, commercial liability insurance, whether purchased in a separate policy or as part of a standard business owners policy, will cover bodily injury, property damage, personal injury or advertising injury. The medical expenses of a person or persons (other than employees) injured at the business or as a direct result of the operations of the business are also covered.

Usually excluded from both types of liability insurance policies are suits by customers against a business for nonperformance of a contract and by employees charging wrongful termination or racial or gender discrimination or harassment. Check with your NJ Insurance Agent about the best liability protection covering all types of situations that may arise in your business.  Read more on Commercial Property Insurance.

View points that will affect your rate. Starting a trucking business. Buying Physical Damage Coverage. NJPAIP – NJ Personal Automobile Insurance Plan Quotes

New Jersey & Pennsylvania Commercial Auto Insurance Help

Our producers have the experience and expertise to quote, bind and properly service your New Jersey or Pennsylvania commercial auto insurance policy.

New Jersey Commercial auto insurance canceled? What is a business owner to do for insurance? Try getting some help and free quote from our NJCAIP.NET producers and see if it works for your business. We insure auto's, vans, trucks and trailers.
Get some help with your NJ or PA Commercial Auto Insurance.

Get no obligation help from our producers and commercial auto and commercial truck insurance companies and wholesalers that offer commercial insurance below.

Business Owners Commercial Insurance Quote Request
Licensed agent help available in FL,GA,IA,IN,KS,MD,NC,NE,NJ,OH,PA,SC,TN & VA

When you have problems in New Jersey or Pennsylvania finding commercial auto insurance the pool of companies starts to shrink very quickly since the sate is rampant with insurance fraud and phony claims. Insurance companies have to factor this into the rates they charge and it affects everyone with higher prices for years.

Get Pennsylvania and New Jersey Truck Insurance – Commercial Quotes – Business Auto Insurance Policies Free Quotes.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey commercial truck insurance quotes, locate good truck insurance including Motor Truck Cargo, Trailer Interchange & Physical Damage Coverage and get your policy issued today in most cases.

Get help from Transportation Risk Insurance Specialists. Send just the basic information for us to be able to help you and we will get to work for your company.

Make sure that you have your “Ducks In A Row” when it comes to New Jersey Commercial Auto or Truck Insurance.

•NJ or PA Light Truck – Trucks with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 10,000 pounds
or less
• NJ or PA Medium Truck – GVW between 10,001 – 20,000 pounds
• NJ or PA Heavy Truck – GVW between 20,001 – 45,000 pounds
• NJ or PA Extra Heavy Truck – GVW 45,000 pounds or more
• NJ or PA Truck Tractor – A motor vehicle for carrying commodities or material and  equipped with a fifth wheel coupling device for semi trailers.
• NJ or PA Heavy Truck Tractors – GVW 45,000 pounds or less
• NJ or PA Extra Heavy Truck Tractor – GVW 45,001 or more
• NJ or PA Semi Trailer – A trailer equipped with a fifty wheel coupling device for use
with a truck tractor, with load capacity of over 2,000
NJ or PA Trailer – Any type trailer other than semi trailer with load limit over 2,000
• NJ or PA Service or utility trailer – Trailer including semi trailer with load capacity of 2,000 pounds or less.

View points that will affect your rate. Starting a trucking business. Buying Physical Damage Coverage. NJPAIP – NJ Personal Automobile Insurance Plan Quotes

NJ and PA Commercial big rig truck insurance for box trucks 1 to 500 units.
Big rig truck insurance in NJ & PA for truck-tractors, box trucks and others 1 to 500 units.