Commercial Auto, Trucking NEMT and other insurance quotes

Commercial Auto Insurance Quotes, NEMT, Big Rig Trucking-Busing And Business Fleets

When a business has been classified for one or more reason and has trouble finding commercial auto, commercial truck insurance, general liability or commercial property insurance from readily available companies, we may be able to obtain coverage to help stay insured.

NJCAIP Non standard commercial auto insurance coverage.
NJCAIP Commercial business auto insurance coverage is available if you are having trouble finding a policy for your company.

Get quick help and coverage with NJCAIP Commercial Auto Insurance, business use vehicles, NEMT to Big Rig Commercial Trucks, Box trucks, Taxi, Black Car or Bus fleet coverage.

NJCAIP Business owners help request forms. Click here if you have all of your information now, otherwise use the quick contact form below.

NEMT Auto and General Liability Insurance Programs.
NEMT Insurance Programs for business owners that have trouble finding coverage.

Business and commercial insurance available now.

We will compare NJCAIP and commercial insurance options and any available companies that may offer you quotes.

If you company is a new venture you do not necessarily need the high risk plan.  Visit New Venture Insurance website for help and rate quotes

What is NJCAIP – NJ Commercial Auto Insurance Plan?

NJCAIP is the state of New Jersey mechanism for eligible Commercially Registered Vehicles in the state of New Jersey that are not insurable immediately in the NJ Voluntary or NJ Preferred Commercial Auto Insurance Markets. Established January 1, 1984 under N.J.S.A. 17:29D-1 and implemented by N.J.A.C. 11:3-1.2, to provide coverage for a commercial automobile risks that are unable to obtain coverage in the NJ business auto insurance voluntary market.


Get quick help and coverage with NJCAIP NJ Commercial Auto Insurance Plans for business use vehicles or trucking risks.
Here is a view of the most insured type for a NJCAIP business auto policy.

Commercial or business auto insurance covers a large variety of business types and vehicles from extra heavy tractor trailers to the single vehicle handyman. When getting quotes it will be easier if you have license numbers and vehicle registrations or VIN’S along with prior company loss history to make quoting easier & accurate.

If you have been refused commercial auto insurance for your business compare rates from the NJ state assigned risk plan known as the New Jersey Commercial Auto Insurance Plan NJCAIP.

Many companies require that you have current dated drivers history reports that shows all moving violations and usually list accidents.  The report does not usually show what party was at fault in any of the accidents, that is why it is important to have your loss runs or loss history reports for 3-5 years if possible.

Below is an example and annual cost of NJCAIP – NJ Truck Insurance for one semi truck with federal filings $14,132 for one truck.

Here is what NJCAIP - NJ Commercial Truck Insurance charges for one commercial truck with filings. The cost is about $14,000 for auto liability.
NJCAIP offers commercial auto liability for NJ trucking companies with filings.

Some quotes may be able to bind immediately, while some make take a couple of days.  In the worst case scenario the NJCAIP policies may have a 17 day waiting period before coverage may become active.

Discuss this and any other questions with your NJCAIP Certified Producer, agent, broker or company to make sure that you do not have any problems.